Welcome to Qbaraz

If you're looking for a great evening out with divine Cuisine served in a relaxed and family based atmosphere then Qbaraz is the ideal restaurant for you.

We at Qbaraz have a variety of dishes from your firm favorites alongside a careful selection of dishes unique to Qbaraz. Qbaraz has something for everyone. Most of our dishes can be tailored to your taste so whether you like it hot or mild, we can cater to your taste buds. All our food is halal.

There is no doubt that most customers that come to Qbaraz return again and again to sample our outstanding cuisine. We have an array of wonderful starters, the more familiar dishes as well as the many new dishes in the in house specialties. Our dishes are freshly prepared with only the finest ingredients and an authentic blend of spices.

If you need a request and your favorite dish is not on our menu do not hesitate to ask because our chef’s will be happy to prepare it for you.